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Would you like to Increase your energy?

Would you like to lose weight and keep it off?

A Diet of organic raw, living foods can:

  1.  Strengthen your immune system,
  2.  Detoxify your body,
  3.  Support healing from disease,
  4.  Help you lose weight,
  5.  Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol naturally,
  6.  Increase your happiness and
  7.  Extend your life.

Anou Mirkine

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Raw Foods Coach - 505-699-2416

Would you like to include more raw foods in your diet?  Making changes in your diet can be challenging.  Yet upgrades are easy and the results are so rewarding; every day gets better!  Enlisting the support of a knowledgeable nutrition coach can help during this transition period. 

Let me help you make the choices that could significantly improve your life and your health.

  • 30 years of study in the area of health and nutrition
  • Consultant and adviser on diet and nutrition
  • Extensive knowledge of vitamins, minerals, supplements, & organic foods
  • Extensive knowledge of different types of diets and lifestyles
  • Raw Living Foods preparation and lifestyle since 2002

Call now to schedule a coaching appointment  

First 20 minute exploratory session is Free!  505-699-2416

Also, be sure to check out our Workshops